Learning french

Now, I'm learning french.

To learn a new language is hard. Sometimes, I feel like I can't do it. I'm stressed and sad — but also I feel like a little child with lots of dreams.

At this moment, I'm writing in english, but thinking in french. Everything is happening automatic. Is this the reality of being trilingual? I'm loving it.

When I remember that I took 10 years to learn english, I feel scared. I started at the age of ten and, until today, I make some mistakes.

French is very similar to portuguese. I hate both grammars. I've always been a good student at school, but I awalys hate my portuguese classes. There's a lot of rules that I don't remember anymore — It's a very dramatic language. But, maybe, latin languages are dramatics?

Can be this the reason why they are so cute?

Today, I'm in the level B1 in french (but still learning A2 rules). I'm good at listening and terrible at grammar. I can speak quite well. My goal is to achieve a C1 level until 2023 — I have 2 years to turn this goal into reality.

Next time I will write a text in french 🇫🇷🥖


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