My first photo shooting in 2021

Leopoldo going out of the pool
This photo become one of my favorites of myself
Me in front of a church build in the XVIII century
I love how light works in P&B film
Our family: Leopoldo, Maitê and Me.
Pretending to be sunbathing in the 70s
Here I was trying to do the same pose as Joan Bennett in the movie "Scarlet Street" (1944)
I was very excited to show to the world this vintage YSL safari jacket
Behind me is the Cathedral of Brasília, a symbol of contemporary architecture
Maitê and her ability to be cute in every shoot
This will be the new photo of all of my social networks



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Stelle de Rocio

Stelle de Rocio

Cientista política. Escrever é melhor que falar.